Welcome to the new flavor of heat


The datil pepper.......ever heard of it?






Until now this wonderful pepper has been exclusive to the Southeast region of the United States, particularly Saint Augustine, Florida, our nation’s oldest city. Brought over to the New World in the late 18th century by Minorcan immigrants, this small pepper is similar in strength to a habanero, but packs a sweeter, fruitier flavor.  








Early regional influences make San Augustin Datil Pepper Table Sauce a true original. Containing only eight all-natural ingredients, this sauce redefines the phrase “less is more”. 










We use a technique of slow smoking our locally grown datil peppers.This combines the inherently sweet flavor of the pepper with natural mesquite.







          Our special recipe does not contain any dry herbs, spices, or artificial flavoring. San Augustin Datil Pepper Table Sauce is gluten, soy, and dairy free.




  San Augustin Datil Pepper Table Sauce is not for the faint of heart, however it's emphasis is not on heat, but rather the unique flavor of the datil pepper. Whether incorporated into a recipe or used as a fiery accompaniment to traditional condiments it is sure to enhance the flavor profile of any meal.